Unknown Building 20th January 2008

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This Building, situated in Manchester, UK, was explored on the 20th January 2008 and it’s use is currently unknown. I speculate it was used as a small goods house for the canal which runs alongside it.

The building is currently in use as a heroin den. There were around 20+ used needles found on the site as well as used condoms.

12/10/2008 – UPDATE!
Well HOLY CRAP! after talking to another explorer earlier today it turns out about a month or so ago he went to this site AND DISCOVERED THE DECEASED BODY OF A DRUG USER! Naturally they informed the authorities and everything was taken care of but it is still incredible that such a thing has happened at a site i’ve been too (and cracked) it’s a strange feeling. They were telling me the experience was neither negative or positive and are fine.


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