St. Peter’s Seminary 23rd August 2009

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St. Peter’s Seminary screams 1980 architecture despite being designed in the 1961 and completed in 1966. The church decided young priests should be trained in a community rather than in remote schools and as a result it never met its capacity of 100 students. By the time construction was completed it lasted a mere 14 years after its completion in 1980 it was abandoned by the church and became a drug rehabilitation centre. From the very beginning due to its unique design the building was plagued by maintenance problems. As a drug rehabilitation centre these problems continued and worsened eventually the building was forced to close its doors in the late 1980s, despite all these problems it is a category A listed building.

Thinking of going yourself? Don’t bother. It’s building itself has started to crumble, the vandals have ruined it and the roof above the altar is completely burnt out. If I’d known just how bad it was before I went I wouldn’t have bothered myself.

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