Links 13th July 2009

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Northwest Exploration

A Northwest England exploration forum.

28 Days Later

A global exploration forum.

Derelict Places

A UK based exploration forum.

Dark Places

A UK based exploration forum – you die, we split your kit!

Explorers Websites

The Asylum Seekers

Gimbulates website

Jay Krause Photography

Misterjks website

Thompski Urbex

Thompskis website

In Search Of Unicorns

Rics website


Scrappys website

The View From The North

AndyMs website

Pixies Graveyard

Pixies website




Sick Britain

A great blog on all things UE. Forum reviews as well as the odd explore.

The Urban Exploration Resource

Offers articles, photo galleries, stories, and an active forum for the Urban Exploration and Infiltration Community.


Actually a personal site but I don’t know the explorer so in the misc. section it’s a brilliant run down of alot of sites.

TDM Photography

Not an urbex site, the blog of photographer TDM, I’ve alot of respect for his work. He does alot of long exposure and light painting. So go take a look, it’s amazing how different places look at night.


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