Glasgow Zoo (Calder Park Zoo) 24th August 2009

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Glasgow Zoo closed on the 23rd August 2003. Two years after the sites closure a few small animals such as llamas, ponies and ostriches still remained. There is essentially no information about this site, including a complete lack of wikipedia page. It seems Glasgow Zoo is destined to be forgotten forever. Sadly I’ve really missed this site, even though it’s only been closed six years it’s been completely destroy by Neds (Scottish Chavs) alot of the buildings are now completely gone including the Tropical House & the zoo shop.

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j.k. Says:

was the head keeper there many moons ago,built a lot of the monkey house and many of the exhibits enclosures as we all did then,very very sad to see the pictures

m jackson Says:

it is so sad to see the zoo so bad ,someone did want to try to have a farm park there after it closed but to no avail,it is in a ideal position so close to the motorway .the area does need something to keep the kids off the street and stop them distroying every thing .the bottom of the zoo near the camel house is still nice.

angela jamieson Says:

so sad to c it completely ruined , something should b done about it !!!!!

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