Emmanuel Christian School 31st July 2009

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Emmanuel Christian School is a large private faith school in Lancashire for 113 pupils. When originally researching this site I dubbed it “Lancashires Hidden Village” until I had further information because of the large sprawling nature of the site.

Due to the severe lack of information on this site the following information is mainly speculative:

In the early 2000’s the school switched locations. Allowing this one to die a slow death from vandalism and rot. The official website of the school has held a “under construction” placeholder since October 2008 despite the complete closure of the school.

All in all a pretty pants site, it’s huge and has lots of stuff unfortunately all that stuff has either been set on fire or is rotting.

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I reckon this would be a top site for light painting dude, whats the area like after dark? Nice blog btw, loving the use of the word “Pants” keep up the good work fella!

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