Denbigh Asylum 21st April 2008

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Denbigh asylum, North Wales, was built in 1844 and opened in 1848. “The North Wales Lunatic Asylum” was the first psychiatric institution built in Wales. Over the years it was expanded in order to house more patients, reaching a maximum capacity of 1500 in the 1950s.

This asylum lasted roughtly 151 years when it closed in 1995. It is situated on over 100 acres of beautiful land on the edge of the town

The Future of Denbigh? On July 12, 2004, The Prince of Wales visited the hospital and administered a speech detailing his Phoenix Trust, a historic building trust that prevented the structure from being demolished. The hospital is currently slated to be converted into private homes.

EDIT – 27/10/08 – Most Haunted Live Special

Hello and welcome all Most Haunted fans as you probably know this week Most haunted are doing a live special every night from Denbigh Asylum, please head over to the gallery to have a look at my shots.

Before I get any e-mails NO I did not experience anything there at all having spent a long time in all the buildings and I did not see or hear anything. I’m not a believer in ghosts.

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