Bunker 6th February 2010

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Originally discovered by Urban Underworld (R.I.P.) Bunker is absolutely massive and considered to be one of the best drains in the U.K. my last trip there turned out to be a massive failure. Now seems like the best time to get back there and get it done. It was one of the first drains on my high priority list but somehow it always got forgotten. So I return, in February 2010 for another go….

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Captain Birdseye’s Flo Selecta 10th September 2009

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1.3 miles long and constructed in 1938. Discovered by Yaz & LittleMike back in January 2009. Includes this bizarre staircase that goes back and forth between two walls just to allow water to make its way down about four stories. Oh yeah at one point this is about 4-5 stories in depth under the city. Bitchin’

Near the end I dropped my cable release in the water by accident and as me and Ric had seen chunks of shit and sweetcorn floating in the water I didn’t bother to fish it out.

A minutes silence please for our fallen brethren.


Boat + Drains 6th September 2009

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So today myself, MortalDecay and Ric went down to Big Humpty with a boat. Something that was first dreamt up about two years ago. It was fun.

[vimeo 6474061]

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Botanic Gardens Station 23rd August 2009

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Designed by architect James Miller and opening on the 10th August 1896, Botanic Gardens Station served as a an excellent way for visitors to gain access to Glasgows beautiful Botanic Gardens until its close as a station 43 years later on 2nd February 1939. After it ceased to be a station it served many uses including that of a cafe, a plumbers and even a nightclub although it is more likely that the nightclub was situated in the overground station offices. It was as a nightclub that it finally ended its occupied life after a fire broke out after a battle of a bands contest on the 22nd March 1970. It has remained derelict for nearly 40 years. It is at this point I visited.

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