The Pepsi Max Big One 21st August 2008

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Opening on the 28th May 1994 as “the tallest, fastest and steepest” roller coaster in the world it lost this title in 1996 however it remained the fastest roller coaster in Europe until 2001.

At a whopping 213ft (65 metres) high and a drop of 205 (62 metres) and of steel construction painted red (tracks) and blue (supports) it is an impressive sight to behold.

This explore, due to being in a theme park was a task to plan. Once inside I was spotted by pedestrians outside however I stayed completely still and they were convinced I was a plastic model!

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Westby Brickworks 3rd May 2008

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Part of the Westby works of PD Edenhall Ltd. Formerly a brickworks using locally dug clay, now manufacturing a range of concrete products.

UPDATE 15th July 2009:

Update because after 16 months i’ve finally managed to get hold of the name of this place along with a small amount of info.


Queen Marys School

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King Edward VII and Queen Mary School (KEQMS) is an HMC public school in Lytham St. Annes, originally the schools were separate, King Edwards for boys education and Queen marys for girls education. However in 1997 the schools were forced to merge due a parliamentary bill being scraped. The schooling now takes place in the King Edwards buildings and due to financial problems Queen Marys has been sold to developers who are creating flats within the school. Evidence of this was discovered inside.

The school’s motto is ‘Sublimis Ab Unda’, which is Latin for “raised from the waves”, in reference to the fact the school was funded by a flood disaster which took place in the town in 1719. In 1908, 189 years after the Foundation’s initial formation the school was finally built.

REVIST & UPDATE: 10/08/08

Most of the school has been stripped out. Access to the stage is no longer possible but the entrance hall has been converted into an office for selling the apartments.  Contained in the second album are some maps/plans and below is a 3D video of the developers plans for the site:

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Ordsall Lane 26th January 2008

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Ordsall Lane is a closed railway station in Manchester, UK. Opening in 1849 the station operated for over a hundred years. At first the station was a simple platform but it soon turned into a large station with 5 platforms.

After it’s closed in 1957 the buildings had been demolished by the time of 1966 however the platform remained.

In 1988 a new section of track called the “Windsor Link” was opened. This allowed trains from Preston to proceed straight to Manchester Piccadilly rather than Manchester Victoria. This link joined the original Liverpool and Manchester railroad at the site of the Ordsall Lane station, considerably altering the site.