Thelwall Viaduct 23rd October 2009

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It’s a little disconcerting being able to see through the platform which is suspending you about 100ft above the ground in the 0.8 miles walk from start to finish. Anyone who has completed the Walk Of Faith at Blackpool Tower can tell you it’s not a massively pleasant feeling looking at your feet and just a massive drop. But after about a minute I more or less forgot about the drop and was happy to bounce around the structure filling my hair with spiders, raccoons and dragons as I went. Thelwall Viaduct is ace, I could’ve spent ages just sat up there.

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Palatine Road Crane 5th March 2009

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Only a baby crane. It’s building a car park. I’m afraid there’s not very much around it that’s particularly interesting so the photos are quite boring. After spending a fair bit of time up there enjoying the view and accidentally making the crane make very loud noises as the sheet metal we stood on popped and then reverberated through the other sheets, it began to snow so we decided to head down. After getting to the bottom it we didn’t have time for many photos before the snow became heavy and a risk to our cameras.


F Robinson’s Brewery, Stockport 16th February 2009

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On the 29th September 1838 William Robinson bought the Unicorn Inn. In doing so he was establishing a company that was to become one of Britain’s largest regional brewers. Now run by the fifth and sixth generation of the family the company continues to use traditional brewing methods.

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Victoria Baths 12th October 2008

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Opening in 1906 Victoria Baths is now a Grade II listed building. It housed many facilities. There was a female swimming pool, a male swimming pool and a premium “1st Class” male swimming pool. Water was heated and pumped into the 1st Class male swimming pool, this same water was then reheated and pumped into the male pool, the same water was then reheated and pumped into the female pool. The women were essentially swimming in 3rd hand recycled water. This was so disgusting that the pool actually held discount days for the female bathers when the water was particularly murky in order to keep numbers up. For 86 years this was the case. Other facilities included Turkish baths, the ability to do laundry and in 1954 the first aeratone in England (a primative form of the first jacuzzi) was installed.

This made Victoria Baths not only an important part of Manchester leisure life but also social life including the main pool being covered over and dances being held on it.

In 1993 the baths were officially closed by Manchester City Council and they began to decay. The Friends of Victoria baths was formed in order to attempt to save the baths and thanks to the BBC’s Restoration programme and lottery funding it is now in the process of being restored to its former glory. Because of this many photographers, films and tv programmes have used areas of the baths and the surrounding building.

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