High Peak College – Harper Hill 18th September 2008

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This was an interesting explore with plenty to see.

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Westby Brickworks 3rd May 2008

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Part of the Westby works of PD Edenhall Ltd. Formerly a brickworks using locally dug clay, now manufacturing a range of concrete products.

UPDATE 15th July 2009:

Update because after 16 months i’ve finally managed to get hold of the name of this place along with a small amount of info.


Sackville Street Rooftop 21st April 2008

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A mere 250 yards from piccadilly station and a stones throw from London Road Fire Station it’s smack bang in the hustle and bustle of city centre living. It contain eight theatres, a many seminar rooms and 1200 square metres of space.

After entering the lifts, we had to select the floor by letter. Apparently the students of the university of manchester are far too intelligent to use numbers like a peasant.

Observing tremeandous views of the city.


The Arndale Shopping Complex Rooftop 9th April 2008

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Constructed between 1972 & 1979 and then partially demolished when a bomb set off by the IRA caused havoc around the city centre in 1996 causing redevelopment to be taken underway. The Manchester Arndale is a building of great engineering an architectural interest. It is a shame that none of this industrial beauty can be viewed from the ground.

The roof is a sprawling area covered in PIR sensors it’s difficult to navigate but would be a haven for freerunners. It provides splendid views of the cathedral, the wheel and many other well known manchester landmarks.

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