Palatine Road Crane 5th March 2009

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Only a baby crane. It’s building a car park. I’m afraid there’s not very much around it that’s particularly interesting so the photos are quite boring. After spending a fair bit of time up there enjoying the view and accidentally making the crane make very loud noises as the sheet metal we stood on popped and then reverberated through the other sheets, it began to snow so we decided to head down. After getting to the bottom it we didn’t have time for many photos before the snow became heavy and a risk to our cameras.


Whittingham Water Tower 2nd November 2008

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Whittingham Water Tower is the part of the hospital I had always wanted to visit ever since visiting many many years ago. Unfortunately on my first visit all those years ago it was steel sheeted shut. However it has been possible to visit the site so I instantly went to investigate!

Whittingham water tower has four levels, each one featuring something extremely photogenic including some beautiful spiral staircase. The most impressive thing about the water tower is the view from the top. You can see for miles around as well as a birds eye view of the main hospital complex. Another nice feature on the roof is the Air raid siren which was around a foot in diameter and around two feet in length.

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The Pepsi Max Big One 21st August 2008

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Opening on the¬†28th May 1994 as “the tallest, fastest and steepest” roller coaster in the world it lost this title in 1996 however it remained the fastest roller coaster in Europe until 2001.

At a whopping 213ft (65 metres) high and a drop of 205 (62 metres) and of steel construction painted red (tracks) and blue (supports) it is an impressive sight to behold.

This explore, due to being in a theme park was a task to plan. Once inside I was spotted by pedestrians outside however I stayed completely still and they were convinced I was a plastic model!

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Lytham Quays Crane 15th May 2008

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The Lytham Quays is a new development near blackpool. It had a nice little crane and how could I possibly deny it the honour of being climbed?

At close to 200ft with no platforms on the way up for a break and a ladder broken in 3 places that changes sides of the crane it was a tough climb resulting in me being very tired by the time I was on my way down but boy was it worth it. Some truly beautiful views were possible from the top of the crane although it was almost impossible to capture anything atop the crane due to the fact there was no cab, merely a small platform that wobbled alot while I was up there so I decided to stay a maximum of 5 minutes.