Captain Birdseye’s Flo Selecta 10th September 2009

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Explorers: j3bu, Ric, MortalDecay, Thompski

1.3 miles long and constructed in 1938. Discovered by Yaz & LittleMike back in January 2009. Includes this bizarre staircase that goes back and forth between two walls just to allow water to make its way down about four stories. Oh yeah at one point this is about 4-5 stories in depth under the city. Bitchin’

Near the end I dropped my cable release in the water by accident and as me and Ric had seen chunks of shit and sweetcorn floating in the water I didn’t bother to fish it out.

A minutes silence please for our fallen brethren.


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yaz Says:

It’s clean as you like! LittleMike was drinking the stuff.

j3bu Says:

When we went up the side pipe (the one that’s painted blue in the photo) there was a fair bit of sweetcorn up there too as well as being in the water.

It could well have been some random mineral that looked like poo and some random sweetcorn(?) but it looked suspicious that they were both in the water at the same time. It was a £3 cable release and was probably fucked by the water anyway so I just let it go.

I’m going back over the next few weeks because I didn’t get that many photos because of the cable release dying so if I see any more poop or sweetcorn i’ll take a photo for you.

Looking forward to seeing your new site man. Has a good URL 😉

yaz Says:

Haha, That site doesen’t actually belong to me.

Fair enough, there’s an incriminating photo of me on the site, it was early, and I was merely inspecting the studio with rope tied around my waist. Why I was carrying a vintage uBerflouro that once belonged to Siologen remains to be seen.

Thompski Says:

I think Flo Selecta has a sewer overflow going into it, I’ve seen it on good and bad days.

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