Buxton Limeworks 9th May 2009

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In 1891 thirteen quarries within the Buxton Derbyshire area amalgamated. By Buxton Lime Firms Co Ltd, were mining 360,000 tons of Limestone and producing 280,000 tons of Lime from their 1522 acres of land, 3 Collieries, 89 lime kilns and 21 large stone crushers. They continued to flourish and bought and established nine more quarries in the following 20 years.
In 1918 John Brunner & Ludwig Mond were so dependent on the BLF limestone he bought into the company and by 1926 had full ownership. With the merger of all of the businesses I.C.I. was formed.

A crazy explore. Never before have I ever thought I was in an episode of Lost.

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