Long Rake Fluorite Mine 30th January 2011

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Opening in 1867 the Long Rake Spar Fluorite Mine was a calcite mine and a lovely trip.


Criggion VLF Station 15th August 2010

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Criggion VLF Station was a transmitter operated by BT on behalf of the MOD. It was built during World War II as a back up transmitter. It operated with the callsign “GBZ” and on 19.6KHz. The transmitter was 600ft high and t was used to send messages to submarines until April 2003, when it was shutdown. The transmitter was dismantled in August 2003. I had wanted to go here for some time but was massively dissapointed. The little that remained of the site has been completely trashed and left open to the elements.


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Birnbeck Pier 13th August 2010

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Birnbeck Pier was opened in 1867 and is the only pier in the uk which links the mainland to a small island. The pier closed in 1994 and has remained derelict since save for a slipway for the local lifeboat. It was bought in 2006 by Urban Splash who are yet to unveil their plans for it.
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Down Below 2nd July 2010

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Stoke fucking delivers, the lighting for this drain was provided by the national grid, cheers guys.